2020  Long Term Packages:

Long Term Packages are Not Designed for Permanent or Full-Time Residences.  
( This package is not for full-time residence. If you stay more than 2 weeks of the month .. outside of football season.. you should go to a monthly lease. Monthly leases are available from the end of the football season to the beginning of the following season. 2019_Dec. 8, 2019 thru Aug. 15, 2020 at University Station.) 

Payments are not an option on these packages.

If you choose this lease you will be responsible for your O&M Fee.
These terms are transferable to any person that you choose. We will need that transfer to go through the office for our records.

(II.)    One Year - Long Term Package

                               Area A          $3875                              Area C     $4075                                 Area E       $4275   

                               Area B          $3975                               Area D     $4175

(IV.) 2 Year Football Season Package    

Area A = $3400

(Area A includes The Eagle's Nest Lots: 1-92)

Area B = $3600

(Area B includes Tailgate Trail Lots 93-111 & Tiger's Den Lots: 299-312)

Area C = $3800

(Area C includes Tailgate Trail Lots: 112-120, Eagles Nest Lot 26, Tiger Village Lots 122-191, Gameday Village Lots 192-209, Roll Toomer's Circle Lots 313-338 Office Lots: 01-04)

Area D = $4000

(Area D includes Plainsman Village Lots: 400-481, Heisman Hill Lots: 500-541, Champions Circle Lots: 542-552, Tiger Walk Lots: 600-644, Tiger Town Lots: 701-753, Backfield In Motion Lots: 800-835, Aubieville Lots: 919-979, Grid Iron Lots: 250-269)

 Area D = $4200

(Area E includes  Shug-a-Ville Lots: 1000-1090))

Amenities During Term of Lease:

6 Season Shuttle Bus Passes To Games
Meals & Entertainment On Friday Nights Before Home Games
Contest & Competitions
Saturday Night Football Games On The Big Screen In The Park
Sunday Morning Church In The Park
Stay & Store RV on Assigned Lot During Football Season
No Daily or Nightly Additional Fees During Term of Lease
Leave Personal Items on Lot During Lease (Tables, Tent, Etc.)
Exclusive Lease of Lot During Season
Unlimited Daily and Nightly Stay
Unlimited Vehicle Parking
Unlimited Friends & Family
Firewood Available
Bike & Low Speed Vehicle Trails

6 Free Season Bus Passes To Games
Meals On Friday Night Before Home Games
Thursday Night Free Movies In the Park
Convenience Store On Property
Propane, Gas, Diesel, Available
Tailgate Grill (Hot Bar) & Gift Shop
RV Repair Company On Site
Satellite Company On Site
Golf Cart Rentals Available
​Golf Cart Community