O&M Fee ( Operational & Maintenance_Administrative fee)

The Operational & Maintenance Fee is a fee which covers several items including administrative dues and damages and maintenance and upkeep and utility usage. These are listed below. We collect an annual $200 fee on Aug. 1 before each football season which is a deposit that is applied. We read the meters at the end of the season and bill the O&M invoice the week after the season is over each year for the football season. Other lease-holders are invoiced monthly for their O&M Fees.

Items Covered In The O&M Fee:

1. Lot Clean Up                                                                                  
2. Lot Damage                                                                                   
3. Lot Utility Connection Damage                                                         
4. Excessive Water Usage                                                                  
5. Electrical Usage                                                                              
6. Lot Maintenance/(Cut Grass, Weed Eating, Weed Spraying)              
7. Lot Improvement Maintenance (Customer Owned Lot Improvements)   
8. Other