resort rules


I.         General Park Information

1.     Office Hours __  8 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Friday. The Office Phone is available 24/7. 

2.    Reservations Are Required __ You must contact the owner before parking or staying over night.

3.    Quiet Hours __ 11:00PM – 7:00AM. Anyone not following quiet time rules may be asked to leave.

 II.       General Park Rules

1.             Illegal Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages __

               A.    Illegal drugs and use of illegal drugs are not allowed in the park.
               B.    Intoxicated behavior is not permitted in the park.
               C.    Alcohol is permitted in your camper or on your site.
                      University Station RV Resort is a FAMILY ORIENTED RV PARK and we ask that you drink responsibly and respect those                              who choose not to drink alcohol.

2.             Low Speed Vehicles/Golfcarts__

              A.    You must have proof of insurance and signed release form turned in to the office to bring your low speed vehicle into the                            park. You will receive a sticker that we will place on the back of your low speed vehicle when you turn in your information.                         Our security officer will be looking for your sticker and will help you secure your vehicle until you have turned in the                                   proper paperwork.
              B.    You must have a reservation to bring a low speed vehicle into the park.
              C.    No vehicle may go over 15.3 miles per hour in the campground.
              D.     All vehicles must have their lights on at night. If you don’t have lights do not drive your vehicle in the park at night.
              E.     You must be 16 years of age with a Drivers License to drive a low speed vehicle in the park.
              F.     All vehicles must observe regular driving rules.
              G.     Drive on the right side of the road.
              H.     Pedestrians have the right of way.
               I.     Violators may be asked to park their low speed vehicle for the weekend. Repetitive offenders may be asked to remove their                         vehicle from the park permanently.
                      The low speed vehicle is a privilege that is enjoyed by all. Please observe these rules so that we may continue to offer this                           amenity for the park guest.

3.             Bicycles __

             A.    Do not ride bikes at night.
             B.    Bikes should be driven on the side of the main roads or on the bike trails.
             C.    Children with bikes should be supervised by their parents. 

4.             Respect Others In The Park

             A.    Please respect guests by not allowing your pets or children to play in the areas  leased by others. (There are common areas                      throughout the park, i.e.; Alumni Park (No Pets Allowed), Common Area in Roll Toomers Circle and Plainsman Village, Tiger                        Walk, & walking trails throughout the park.)
             B.    Please respect the area of others by controlling your noise level and language. Guest at nearby sites should be able to hear                       their own conversations.

5.             Guest of Guest

              A.    There is no additional fee for extra guest to stay in your RV with you. But if you need to put up a tent you will need to                                    contact the office and pay the tent camping fee and let the office show you where to put the tent. You may not just put up a                        tent at your site. This is a safety issue.
               B.    Please respect the area of others by sharing the park rules with your visitors.
               C.    You are responsible for the conduct of your guest. Please make sure they know the rules.
               D.     If  your guest are not following the rules you may be asked to leave the park with them.

6.   Children

              A.    Children must be under the supervision of their parents or an adult.
              B.    Parents are responsible for conduct of their children.
              C.    For children's safety, do not let them run through campsites.
              D.    Do not let children play in fire pits and remaining cinders. Be sure they understand and obey camp rules.

7.    Pets

             A.    Must be kept on a leash at all times and under the control of their owner, or kept inside the guest’s RV.
             B.    No unattended pets allowed.
             C.    No pets allowed in the bath house (restrooms, laundry area).

             D.    Pet Owners are required to clean up immediately after their pets.
             E.    Noisy or vicious pets are not allowed.
             F.     If any animal is unruly, the owner must take it off the premises immediately.
             G.    There are Dog Walk signs throughout the park where you can take your pet to potty. Please pickup after your pet in the Dog                       Walk area as well.
             H.    Please do not walk your pet behind or on other guest areas.
              I.     Do not allow pets to dig holes.
              J.     Pet pens are not allowed.
              K.    Three pet limit per unit.
              L.     No pets allowed in Alumni Park.

8.    Visitors

Should follow all park rules. Management reserves the right to remove any visitor who cannot do so.

III.            No Soliciting

1.         Any items sold in the park may only be done with the permission of the management.

2.         No signs should posted in the park by guest soliciting or advertising items to sale.
3.         No door to door sales or soliciting allowed.
4.        We have a message Board on our web page. If you would like to post your items for sale please send your request to our                             E- Mail Address: and we will be happy to post them for you.

IV.          Grounds and Maintenance 

1.         Campfires 

           A.    Must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before going to sleep each night.
           B.    On occasion fires may be prohibited by our staff due to hazardous fire conditions.

 2.        Restrooms 

Are provided for your convenience, please help us in keeping them clean. No smoking in the restrooms. Also, no pets are allowed in the restrooms.

3.        Trash 

Must be tied in plastic bags and placed in the trash dumpster located at the south end of the Grid Iron Area

 4.        Food 

          A.    Leftover food should be put in a trash bag and taken to the dumpster.

          B.    Do not throw out food on the ground as this will attract ants, raccoons, and other uninvited guest to your site.

 5.     Damage to Grounds 

           A.    Clotheslines and fireworks are prohibited. (If your site needs a divider to prohibit traffic through please contact Management                      to deal with these issues.)
           B.    Do not destroy trees or damage property.

 6.       Items Stored On Lot

           A.    No additions or changes may be performed to the grounds of the park without permission of management.
           B.    Permanent fixtures, I.e.: storage buildings, etc. may be left on your lot with permission of management during the term of                           your lease only. University Station RV Resort is an event venue. Therefore, whatever you leave on the lot will be in the way of                     others using that lot. 
           C.    Outside of football season you may leave items in a storage building on your site with a “store on your lot lease”.

           D.    If you do not have a “store on your lot lease” and leave items you may be charged the current fee and/or your  items may be                       relocated to the back of the property or discarded with a moving fee. (ie: tents, frames, furniture, firewood, golfcarts,                                   etc.) Please help us by not leaving your items on the lot.

V.          Lease Rental and Sub-Leasing and Refund Policy

1.            Lease Policies

A lease with University Station is to be used solely by the lease holder. Leases may not be sold by lease holders.

2.           Sub-Leasing

Third party leasing is not permitted.

 3.          Refund Policy

             A.     There is no refund for early departure or deposits.
             B.     After cancellation lots may be rented by the management.

VI.         Building On Your Site  (Click to download/view Building Agreement)

With permission and approval of owner, you may build a deck, building, or make lot improvements on your site with these stipulations:

1.     DECKS:

          A.     You do not have to have a long-term lease to build a deck on a football season leased lot.
          B.     You build a deck and leave it on your site outside of football season with the            understanding and permission that                                 anyone we rent that site to, outside of your lease, may use "Your" deck.
          C.     University Station RV Resort is not responsible for any damages to said building/deck or harm caused to anyone as a result                       of said building/deck.
          D.     If you do not have a long-term lease and make lot improvements those improvements must be constructed to allow RV’s of                         various sizes to utilize the lot. Example: if you make lot improvements that only meet your needs but are not constructed to                       allow another type of RV on your lot then we still cannot less that lot because the other RV will not be able to get on the lot.                         Therefore, we will have to make your lease a long-term lease if you build it to only meet your needs. Or you can build it so                           others can use it and it can be leased only for football season with the conditions stated above.


           A.     No lean-to buildings.
           B.     If you sell a building that you built on the lot the new owner must have a long-term lease for the length of his ownership of                         the building remaining on the property. The new owner will be required to pay the lease price at the current time of the                                 transfer.

           C.    The current owner of the building does have to have a long-term lease (at least one year re-newed annually or several years                       as long as there is a building on property).
           D.    You may sell the improvements to your site (building or deck).
           E.    We do not allow third party rentals. Meaning you cannot build/lease a lot and rent it to someone else. Use by family and                               friends is allowed but not for profit. All rentals must come through the office and we need to know names and contact                                 information of friends/family using your lot in your absence for emergency purposes. 
            F.    Increases in University Station RV Resort property tax as a result of tenant's building will be paid by tenant and notified                               by University Station when necessary.
            G.   You may leave building to University Station RV Resort with permission of the owner.
            H.   If you have made improvements on your lot and have not transferred the improvements by the end of your lease term, the                          improvements will become property of University Station RV Resort.

VII.          Problems

Please call the office phone number (334-821-8968) if you are having a problem. It is forwarded and someone will answer 24/7. It is our pleasure to make University Station the most pleasant experience possible for everyone, therefore, we encourage you to let us know if your neighbor is not following the rules. 


The management reserves the right to make changes to the rules, regulations and fees that are deemed necessary.
The management also reserves the right to refuse services and or have tenant/guest vacate the premises if tenant/guest

refuses to follow the rules. 


If you follow these 10 basic rules for camping with a dog, you will be following good camping etiquette.

Make sure the campsite or park you are going to allows dogs.
Always pick up after your pet and dispose of waste appropriately.
Keep your dog’s vaccinations current and ask your vet if he or she should receive a Lyme disease vaccination.
Give your dog flea control before going.
Put an identification and current rabies tag on your dog’s collar with your cell phone number on it.
Keep your dog on a leash and under your control at all times.
Teach your dog to stay, sit and heel—especially if he or she is aggressive, easily distracted, or loves to bolt after squirrels and other critters.
Leave an un-socialized dog at home.
Keep the four-legged family members quiet. Barking disturbs other campers.
Never leave your dog unattended. Crate Fido if you have to. Never leave unattended pets in a car.